15 Best Summer Jobs in Canada for Students in 2021:

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Summers are the best time to relax and go on a vacation with your friends but did you know that it is possible to cash out this time? Working in summer may sound boring but it is one of the best ways to cover up your expenses and even your semester fee. These 15 jobs in Canada are some of the most productive options to spend your summer productively. You may get one of these jobs full-time or part-time and it’ll even provide you with a lot of benefits and experience besides the money.

Best Summer Jobs in Canada for Students and Foreigners:

Getting a job in summer as a college student grooms your over-all personality. It is an excellent opportunity to get industrial exposure, it enhances your networking skills and may help you in getting a full-time job in future. The jobs on this list are flexible and lucrative enough. You may earn even up to $ 14 an hour by getting on of these jobs.

1. Waiter or bartender

Working in the service industry as a waiter or bartender doesn’t only earn you money but it also improves your self-esteem and communication skills. It greatly helps you in learning how to take criticism and teaches you teamwork. The salary in this industry might be low but working hours are flexible and you may get decent tips.

2. Baby Sitter

Babysitting is one of the most lucrative jobs in Canada. So if you love playing with babies and toddlers, congratulations! you can make around $ 14.56 an hour.

3. Sales staff

Jobs with fixed salaries are not everyone’s cup of tea. For students who are into business, working as a sales staff might be one of the best jobs. Through this job, you’ll not only improve your negotiation and communication skills but you can even earn up to  $ 10.20 per hour and much more with commissions.

4. Bank teller

Bank jobs are the kind of experiences that can boost up your resume. Through this job, you’ll develops skills like money handling and customer service. The average salary of a bank teller is between $12 to $15 per hour.

5. Swimming Instructor

If you love swimming and know all the rules and emergency measures. You can convert your passion into money by teaching swimming to people depending upon your skills and certification. The average salary of a swimming instructor is around  $ 8.56 – $ 18.73 per hour.

6. Life-saver

Summer is all about beach picnics and swimming pools. This is one of the best time to start working as a lifeguard. Through this, you’ll get an opportunity to interact with different people and save lives. You can earn up to  $ 9.31 as a lifeguard.

7. House painter

Painting indoors and outdoors can be fun and creative. It’s even possible to earn up to  $ 18.25 per hour with minimum effort through this job.

8. Freelance web designer

If you are skilled in programming and have, an understanding of platforms like WordPress and Squarespace then you can make up to $ 26.99 by working as a freelancer.

9. Computer Technology

This job is highly recommended for students with an academic background or interest in IT. This may not only help you in building a portfolio for securing a good full-time job after graduation but you can make around $ 15 an hour through this industry.

10. Camp Counselor

A huge part of summer is the summer camps. If you are a student who loves to spend time around children and can plan a fun and outdoor activities with them, then this is the right job for you! A camp counsellor on average can make $ 9.28 per hour with minimum experience.

11. Sellers

Marketing industry offers great opportunities to students who wish to enhance their skills in terms of customer service, hospitality, and sales. Although this is a usual summer job, the average salary in this industry is $ 10 per hour.

12. Online Tutoring

Students with a steady internet connection and a passion for teaching can now give tuitions online in summers and may earn up to  $ 19.57 hourly.

13. Touring musicians

This is an ideal experience for students who study or play music in their college. Since summers are about relaxing and fun, students can earn up to $ 42.92 an hour, by playing music in festivals.

14. Entrepreneur

Start-up culture is increasing with time. Students who are interested in starting a business can set up a small one with limited resources such as selling items on eBay or by providing graphic design, illustration, or content development services. It’s possible to make $ 25.43 hourly with your small business.

15. Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

One of the coolest ways to spend your summer is to make $ 14 per hour by walking a dog or working as a pet sitter. This job is highly recommended for dog-lovers and students who love animals in general.


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