Best Jobs In Canada For Newcomers

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Every year a huge number of immigrants move to Canada to improve their income. Most of them either already have a secure job or have some relevant skill or qualification which aid them in finding one. However, there are certain jobs immigrants can get with the minimum skill set required. If you planning to move to Canada or seeking a job in Canada then this article might be helpful for you. Here’s a list of jobs that are highly recommended for newbies or people who don’t have extensive skills, experience, or qualifications.

 Hospitality Jobs

The demand for hotels, travel, and tourism industries have been increasing in Canada with time. This might be because the country provides immense educational and employment opportunities to its locals as well as immigrants. The Canadian hospitality industry is on the rise itself so it provides a lot of working opportunities to job seekers. In cities like Toronto or Vancouver, many large hotels are looking for staff. Even if you have little or no experience then you can apply for low-scale jobs in these hotels. Having a little experience of jobs such as reception work, administration or catering will improve your chances of finding a good job. Once you enter the Canadian labour market, you can climb up the ladder to find a better paying or even a high-scale job.

Food And Catering

Catering is another field high in demand because of the increasing cultural variety in Canada. If you are an immigrant specialized in cooking international cuisine, then you can easily get a kitchen or catering job in Canada. If that’s not the case, then there are still many opportunities in this industry for newcomers. People with little to no skills or experience may also find low-scale jobs such as working as a porter or counter service at chain fast food restaurants.

Retail Jobs

The retail industry in Canada provides a significant amount of employment opportunities to the new-comers. Even if you are just fluent in English and may look presentable to others then congratulations, you are eligible to get a job in this industry. It is quite easy for immigrants to get a job in a supermarket, mall, or retail store in general. Some of these jobs aren’t necessarily high paid but they are good enough to financially support you.

Driving Jobs

Not everyone who wants to work in Canada has to be great in English. This is where driving jobs come into play. Drivers in Canada make a handsome amount of money, mainly because they can adjust their working hours according to their feasibility. This is what makes driving a highly recommended job for immigrants to find.

Domestic Work

Domestic work like cleaning doesn’t sound as captivating or high paid. This may not be your first choice but it is quite easier to find a job in this sector even with minimum language skills. So if you are planning to find a job in Canada, domestic work may be a good domain, to begin with.


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