Best Marketing Jobs in Canada

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Canada’s marketing industry is on the rise. It has plenty of opportunities for people with relevant qualification, skills and experience. Even if you are not highly qualified, there are many marketing jobs you can get just by having a good social network, knowledge of marketing trends and strategic thinking. It’s quite challenging to get hired for a marketing job in Canada but a professional and targeted resume always improves your chances of getting hired. If you want to learn more about marketing jobs in Canada then follow this article to the end.

Types Of Canadian Marketing Roles

Canada has a huge variety of marketing jobs, some of them are listed below:

Marketing Specialists – The sales of a company largely depends upon its marketing. The job of Marketing specialists is to design and implement different marketing strategies by researching all sort of popular trends which can be used to generate profit. This includes introducing and promoting sales and services, customers are most interested in.

Social Media Management – Social media has turned out to be one of the best platforms for marketing. Social media managers are accountable for the handles of the company’s social media such as Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. They’re responsible for creating engaging posts to catch the attention of the customers including social media influencers.

SEO SpecialistsSearch Engine Optimization Specialists use SEO techniques to improve the ranking of their company’s website in search engines such as Google. It brings more audience to the website, directly or indirectly generating profits.

Email Marketing Management – They are accountable for producing content to be sent in an email by a firm. This may include emails written for communication or just for marketing purposes. 

Web Content Production – Web content producers create catchy content which is updated on the company’s website. Their main responsibility is to bring traffic to the website.

Web Producer – web producers, just like content producers create content for the website but they’re mostly responsible for creating content in the form of pictures and videos.

Product Management – Product managers come up with ideas of designing different products to generate profit for the company. They are also responsible for the completion of their product and analyzing its development till the end.

Marketing Analysis – Marketing analysts play a key role in the development of the market plan of a company by researching the latest marketing trends and their impacts on the company’s growth.

Advertising Co-coordinator – They’re mainly responsible for creating advertising content of the company for digital and print media. They deal with marketing campaigns, schedule adverts and promotions, update and maintain customer databases.

Qualifications To Enter The Canadian Marketing Sector

The most professional qualification to get a marketing job in Canada is to get a degree either in Business Leadership, Market Communications or Multimedia Design. Other skills such as Adobe Creative Suite and video editing may also add as a plus point. The most basic skills, however, are excellent communication and collaborative skills preferably in English and French. Certain jobs in Canada may require prior experience of two years or more. 

How To Find The Best Marketing Jobs In Canada

Certain websites such as Job Bank, and post marketing jobs in Canada. The CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) website may also be a great help in finding the right marketing job for you. However, networking with relevant people is one of the best ways to get hired. You can also join social platforms like LinkedIn to catch the attention of employers.

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