Canada Express Entry: Immigrate to Canada 2021:

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 Every year thousands of immigrants move to Canada for different purposes. Some of them join the Canadian universities to get World-class education, some of them just want to expand their business in Canada while most people move to find a lucrative job to improve their living standard.

Canada Express Entry Immigrate to Canada

The  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)  introduced the Express Entry system to fill out the labour gaps by managing and processing visa applications using various economic programs for skilled workers. It is particularly introduced for immigrants with high qualifications or decent skill set, seeking employment and permanent residence in Canada. The Express Entry system makes it easier to acquire permanent residence in Canada.

Get PR and Immigrate to Canada

To get PR in Canada you must qualify as a skilled worker through the Express Entry system. The eligibility criteria to qualify as one is given below:

The applicant must have a work experience of 12 months of full-time, or equal hours in part-time in Canada, within the last 3 years of application. The candidate must possess the required level National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill of knowledge required in speaking, reading, writing, and listening English or French language.

How does Express Entry work?

Once the application is approved, the name of the applicant is entered in the pool for successful candidates where all candidates are ranked according to their experience.

Steps For The Application:

Knowing the eligibility: If a person meets the eligibility criteria described above, they’re ready to fill out their application form.

Getting the documents ready: The candidate must get all of their relevant documents including any educational documents and any required language certificate ready before submitting the application form.

Create a Profile: Once they’ve submitted their documents, applicants must check their score and move to the final step which is submitting their online application form and wait for the interview.

Receive an invitation and apply for the Express Entry: The names of eligible candidates are entered in the pool where they are ranked according to their score. Selected candidates then get a call according to their ranks.

Canada Entry Express Eligibility

There are three programs under the Express Entry programs, so the applicant is advised to check their eligibility for each program before applying for permanent residence.

Federal Skilled Worker Program:

This is for the applicants working in a managerial, professional, or technical job for at least 1 year or 1560 hours within the last 10 years. Students with part-time jobs are also eligible if they meet the criteria for minimum working hours. The passing marks for this category are 67/100 and the applicant must score a minimum of 7 in English or French language test within the last 2 years before application. Only individuals who live outside Quebec are eligible.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

The jobs that fall under this category include industrial, electrical and construction trades, maintenance and equipment operation trades, supervisors and technical jobs in natural resources, agriculture and related production, processing, manufacturing, and utility supervisors and central control operators, chefs and cooks, butchers and bakers. Education is not a criterion required for this program. The minimum English or French language score in this category reduces to 5 and applicant must live outside the Quebec province. Applicants must have worked at least two years of a full-time job to apply for this program.

Express Entry Canada Provinces

British Columbia Express Entry

Alberta Express Entry

Saskatchewan Express Entry

Manitoba Express Entry

Ontario Express Entry

New Brunswick Express Entry

PEI Express Entry

Nova Scotia Express Entry

Newfoundland Express Entry

Canadian Experience Class

Only candidates working in managerial, professional, technical jobs, or skill trade are eligible for this program. The minimum required work experience is 1 year or 1560 hours in Canada within the last three years. The English or French language test score, taken within 2 years before application should be 7.

Canada Express Entry Points

The selection through Canada Express Entry is based on points. Each candidate submits their valid bio-data while submitting the application form. The points are awarded based on skills, qualifications and experience however, other factors affecting the points of a candidate are marital status, age and education.


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