How To Find A Job In Australia As A Foreigner

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Getting a job in Australia is a dream for many people all over the World. The country is popular not only for its strong economy but the lavish lifestyle it offers. However, it may be quite challenging for a foreigner to find a job in Australia. In this article, we’ll share the steps you can follow to get a suitable job in Australia.

Getting A Visa

Obtaining a work permit is the most crucial step for those who aspire to work in Australia. You will only be legally permitted to work in Australia once you get a working visa. To get a work permit, you must first verify if the industry you intend to work in falls under the list of shortage occupation. This can be verified by visiting the Australian Government website.

Ensure That Your Qualifications Are Valid

Before applying for a job it is highly advisable to check if the qualification obtained from your country is recognized in Australia. To verify this you must visit the Australian Skills Recognition Information website to find the right information. There’s a possibility that the applicant may have to take an extra course from an Australian institute for their qualification to get recognized by the Australian standards. Immigrants willing to work in Australia have to state their qualification according to the Australian equivalent on their job applications to avoid misconduct.

Choose An Industry

Certain industries in Australia are considered as the most profitable ones, these include mining, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism, telecommunications and finance. Applying in any of these sectors will greatly increase your chances of getting hired.

Find Vacancies In Australia

Searching for a job in Australia from your country may seem complicated but the internet has made it much easier for us. There are many Australian job websites where employment opportunities are listed every day. One of the most popular Australian job-seeking websites is SEEK. There are also many other websites which serve the same purpose. These include Graduate Careers Australia (ideal for new graduates), Job Search Australia (for IT openings) and Travel Jobs Network (for hospitality and tourism vacancies). You should also follow the leading newspapers in Australia such as The Age, Morning Herald, West Australian and The Courier-Male. These newspapers list jobs for different regions in Australia. You can also directly visit the website of any Australian company to check if any vacancies are posted.

Create An Australian Resume

A professional resume can truly make an impact on the employer. To increase your chances of getting hired, you should design your resumes in a correct Australian format before applying to jobs.

Try Networking

Many companies rely on internal hiring rather than posting the vacancies. So it’s important to keep in touch with people who can assist you in finding a good job. Social platforms like LinkedIn may also help you in expanding your network.

Target Employers And Agencies

If you have a targetted company in mind then you may just send your CV and cover letter to their HR department even if vacancies are not listed. Getting services of a recruitment agency might also be a good and hassle-free option.

Try To Attend Interviews In Person

Attending an interview in person will not only help the employer in judging your skills but it’ll also help you in earning their trust. If you can’t attend the interview in person then skype might be a good option as well.

Be Flexible

If you choose to be flexible with your options, it’ll automatically increase your probability of finding the right job. However, if you are not seeking full-time employment, then getting a part-time job or volunteer work will enhance your chances of finding full-time employment later on.


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