How to Find Canada Government Jobs

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The boosting economy of Canada makes it possible for the government to provide employment opportunities to its people at all levels. If you’re seeking a government job in Canada then regardless of your qualification and skills, follow this article till the end.

What Kind Of Government Jobs Are There In Canada?

Government jobs in Canada are spread across a broad spectrum. There are various levels of employment in different sectors ranging from junior administrative posts and cleaners to senior and professional roles such as policy analysts. These jobs are not limited to Canada only but there are many jobs related to foreign missions that involve travelling.

Where To Find Government Jobs In Canada

The Canadian government has three levels of jobs municipal, provincial, and federal. To find a job in any one of the three, you can look up advertisements online and offline.

Online Job Search Options

The centralized online system announces vacancies in public service offices. This is available on the website of PSC (Public Service Commission)  This is the main website where you can find jobs of different qualifications and skills at every level related to the government. Besides that, you can also browse websites of different federal sectors where jobs are announced. The website of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Revenue Agency website are another two important sources to look up for a government job in Canada. These websites do not only post the vacancies announced but everything including eligibility criteria and application procedure is mentioned there. If you are seeking a job in provincial or municipal government then you must visit their official websites to find a job according to your aim.

Offline Job Search Options

The government offices in Canada would be the best place to get information about jobs especially if you aspire to work in a specific department. Your local newspaper may also greatly aid you in your job search. Besides these, networking also brings a lot of employment opportunities so if you know anyone who works for the Canadian government then they can help you in finding the right job for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Working For The Canadian Government?

Working with the Canadian Government can be a great opportunity for those individuals who do not only want an attractive salary and other benefits but wish to boost their career. There are many professional development courses and other training offered by the government to their employees so you can work flexibly between different departments. The other benefits include dental and health insurance, vacations, paid parental leaves, and much more.

Qualifications Required To Work For The Canadian Government

The required qualifications to work for the Canadian government largely depend upon the post you wish to apply for. For entry-level jobs, a high school diploma and a presentable personality may work while for higher-level jobs a professional qualification is mandatory. It is however important for the candidate to be skilled in the English or French language.


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