How To Get An EU Blue Card In Germany

Germany is full of lucrative employment opportunities for locals and immigrants. If you are from a non-EU country and you’re seeking employment in Germany, then you must apply for an EU Card in order to immigrate. The European Blue card is a type of work permit that legally allows you to live and work in Europe. To know more about the EU Blue card, read this article till the end.

Who Can Obtain An EU Blue Card?

To apply for an EU Blue Card, the candidate should be from a non-EU country. They must have either obtained their education from a university in Germany or a degree from a foreign university which is equivalent to the degree awarded by a German university. It is mandatory for the applicant to have an employment contract with a German employee or company with a minimum salary of 50,800 Euros per year (or 4,134 Euros per month). In case of shortage occupation, the minimum required salary reduces to 39,624 Euros per year (or 3,302 Euros per month).

Is It Necessary To Apply For The Blue Card Before Entering Germany?

To get an EU Blue Card for Germany, the application should be made from the applicant’s native country. It is mandatory to apply for an EU Blue Card from your own country before moving to Germany.

How Long Is The Validity Period For The Blue Card?

An EU Blue Card is valid for four years only. However, if the employment contract offered to the candidate is for a shorter period, then EU Card remains valid for that period plus an additional three months. The candidate can extend their EU Blue card just like any other work permit.

Can A Blue Card Holder Apply For Permanent Residency?

Blue cardholders can apply for permanent residency if they own the Blue card for 33 months or more. Candidates knowing German language at level B1 or above may apply for permanent residency just after holding the card for 21 months. If the cardholder has lived in any EU country other than Germany, then that period is also included while applying for permanent residency in Germany.

Will The Blue Card Be Invalidated If The Holder Leaves The Country?

Candidates can only travel outside the EU in the first 12 months of receiving their EU Blue card. The holder must remain in Germany for 18 months before they are permitted to move to a different country within the EU.

What Are The Rules Regarding Spouses Being Employed In Germany?

The spouses of EU Cardholders regardless of their knowledge in the German language may get a job in Germany. They are legally permitted to work in Germany without any kind of restrictions.

How To Get An EU Blue Card In Germany

To apply for an EU Card, the candidate has to fill out an application form. The candidate may either fill it by themselves or their employer may fill it for them. The candidate must have a degree from a university recognized in Germany and an employment contract with a German employer or company for at least a year. The employment contract offered should have a salary that may exceed the German average by 1.5 times. In case of shortage occupations, candidates with salaries exceeding the German average by 1.2 times are also held eligible to apply for an EU Blue Card. Candidates with no degree may show documented proof of having more than 5 years of working experience in their field. In the case of regulated professions, the candidate must hold a valid license or certification permitting them to work. The other required documents include employer’s declaration in written form, 2 passports sized pictures and valid travel documents of the candidate. It is to make sure that the candidate is not a threat to the country’s security, public policies and well-being in any way. The candidates must fulfil all of these requirements, fill out the application form and submit the processing fee to get an EU Blue Card for Germany.


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