How to Get Jobs in the USA | Immigrate to the United States 2021:

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America’s strong economy and affluent lifestyle make it one of the global dream destinations. Finding a job in America might be challenging but it’s worth the effort. If you aspire to immigrate to America and get a working visa then this article may help you in finding the most favourable track.

How to Get Jobs in USA Immigrate to the United States

There are many types of work visas in America depending upon your qualification, skills, and nature of work. The most common ones are described below:

H-1B Visa: This visa is exclusively for highly qualified individuals who have attained an advanced level of education and might have experience of working in management-level roles in their country. Many professions from the entertainment industry such as models also fall under this category. The H-1B visa is one of the best options for those who plan to move to the USA for a long period.

H-2B Visa: This is a type of temporary visa for unskilled workers besides those seeking agricultural jobs. H-2B visa is particularly for those who are seeking employment in the USA for a short time such as low scale jobs in the hotel and tourism industry.

H-2A Visa: This visa is exclusively for individuals seeking a temporary job in the agricultural sector such as harvesting crops, planting, etc. If you fall under this category then your employer would be providing you food, shelter, and transportation.

L1 Visa: The L1 or intracompany transfer visa is for those who hold an executive-level position in any company with a Branch in America. Through this visa, they can simply transfer their job to the American branch of their company. That’s what makes it easily achievable.

Tips to Bolster Your Professional Qualifications

Before applying for a visa in the USA you must first verify if your degree is equivalent to an American degree and if it isn’t, it is highly recommended to research the extra qualification you may require to make it an equivalent. It’s also advised to enrol yourself in a relevant program if you’ve been out of school for a while just to make your application stand out. You might also want to research the American labour market just to know what employees are looking for and lastly, you might have to attain the required language courses.

Finding an Employer to Sponsor a Job in the USA

Many employers especially those companies with employee shortages sponsor jobs of foreign workers in the USA so it’s highly advised for you to find an employer who does that. The fields that are currently high in demand in America include education, technology, telecommunications, media, manufacturing and medical fields.

Keeping Track of the Timeline

To migrate to the USA, you must find a job before applying for a visa. Each visa has a different processing time and it may vary every year so you should at least keep a margin of a few months before getting your visa. The process may even take up to a year. For example, the application deadline for H-1B visa in 1st of April so if you submit your application before the deadline and it gets approved then you’d be getting your visa only after the beginning of the fiscal year which is October 1st.

Resources For Immigrants:

The website of the Department of Immigration may be your greatest guideline to find details on requirements, resume writing, visa processing fee, deadlines and qualifications required.

Keep in mind that moving to the USA is expensive and time-consuming so before you apply fora visa, make sure that your savings are enough to support you all the way throughout your journey.


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