How To Get Student Visa For Canada

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Canada has one of the best educational systems in the World. This makes it the centre of attraction for a large number of students. The Canadian institutes facilitate immigrant students as much as the locals. That is why Canadian universities accept thousands of applications from immigrants every year. To study in Canada, you may require a study permit. In this article, we’ll guide you on the application procedure and other details you may need to get a Canadian student visa.

Process For Applying

The application procedure for getting a Canadian student visa consists of these steps:

–         Selection of an Institute

–        application

–         Visiting a counselor

–         Letter of Acceptance

–         Visa Application Package

–         Submitting Application

–         Creating a CIC Account

–         Submitting Documents to CIC

–         Interview for the Visa

You can learn more about the visa application procedure by visiting Citizenship and Immigration Canada websites. It is also possible to apply for a visa online by submitting the procedure fee through a debit card or a credit card.

It is highly recommended to visit a counsellor before you select an institute to apply for. The counsellor may help you in finding the right institute according to your requested feasibility. You may also browse the websites of different institutes to find the right one for yourself. However, for queries about a visa application, you can always visit the nearest visa office. It is highly recommended to conduct thorough research before you decide to proceed with your visa application.

Once you have gathered all the information, the next step is to get a letter of acceptance from a recognized higher education system. This letter is one of the most basic requirements to apply for a study permit.

After receiving your letter of acceptance from a relevant source, the next step is getting a visa application package. For this purpose, you may either visit a local visa office, Canadian Embassy, or any consulate. The CIC website is the most convenient and fastest source to help you with your queries as well as the application procedure. It may also greatly assist with your application by making you fill out a questionnaire with details about yourself, like your aims and objectives. After making sure that you are eligible to apply for a Canadian study permit, you will receive a personal checklist code through the CIC website. This code is valid for use up to 60 days only. You may then submit your application using this code. The website will then show you your estimated tuition fee and other details, such as the documents required. This is the step where you will have to pay your fee online using a credit or a debit card along with submitting the required documents.

You will be called for an interview at the nearest Visa office, once you have submitted your fee and other required documents. The interview consists of general questions but it is an important step for receiving your study permit.  After clearing the interview you will receive your visa to study in Canada.


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