Job Rules of Canada

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Every country has set some laws for the locals, and immigrants associated with their labour market. Similarly, Canada also has a set of rules and regulations which both employers and employees have to abide by. These rules are set by the federal government to preserve the rights of the companies as well as their workforce. These employment laws define certain limitations and rights for the companies, consumer and customers. The federal government may revise these rules with time and employers, workers are accountable for keeping themselves up to date to follow and make changes according to the new set of laws.

All the employers and their employees in Canada are obliged to follow the job rules. If a worker or firm violates these laws then their employers or employees, current or former, are allowed to take legal action against them.

The basic rule for the companies operating in Canada is to verify the documents of their workers. In the case of the local employees, companies may check their passport, birth certificates, ID cards or any other document as proof that they are Canadian nationals. For the immigrants, it’s really important to verify their eligibility to work in Canada. All the immigrants working in Canada should have a valid work permit along with the passport and other identity proving documents, depending upon the nature of their jobs. Once all sorts of documents are verified, the company is allowed to hire them. However, due to NAFTA membership, there are a different set of rules for immigrants from America and Mexico.

Besides the legal verification, employers are supposed to abide by the anti-discrimination laws while hiring workers. Any sort of malpractice in this domain may result in serious consequences which include the company being sued. It is therefore advised to the employers to attain legal advice from relevant legal experts and government bodies if they are unclear about certain laws.

There are many job rules specially designed for the convenience of employees. Companies have to provide an environment which is according to all the health and safety regulations, to their workers. They are also bound to pay their employees at minimum wage levels, clear all taxes and provide them with legally applicable pensions.

The rules for employees are generally simple. It includes providing all sort of legal documents proving their identity and qualifications for the jobs. Employees are supposed to share copies of their id card, driving license, or passport, before they start working with the company. Other documents may include tax references, social security references, and insurance details. Immigrants may also have to show a valid work permit to the company before they are offered the job.

It is highly encouraged for employees to keep up with these employment laws before they start working with a company. This prevents them from any sort of harm and helps them in acknowledging their rights and limitations at their workplace.


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