Jobs In Australia for Foreigners

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Australia is the dream country for those people who wish to have a luxurious lifestyle. It can be really challenging for immigrants to find a suitable job in Australia. However, there are certain jobs which are high in demand. If you aspire to move to Australia, then you must first find a job for yourself and receive an offer letter from your employer. To find a lucrative job as an immigrant, you should look up for shortage occupations listed on the Government of Australia’s website. If you meet the required criteria according to your qualification, skills and experience then finding a job in Australia would be easy for you. You will also qualify for the skilled worker visa application, with the right skills.

Current Jobs On The Skilled Worker List

The Australian Government has posted this list of shortage workers on their website:

Engineering management

Childcare management

Construction -including project building and construction management, welding, fitting, locksmiths, bricklaying, joining, stonemasonry, carpentry, painting, glazing, plastering

Environmental health

Accountancy – including taxation and auditing

Medical fields – including nursing directors, podiatry, occupational health, general practice, cardiology, speech therapy, childhood medicine, oncology, psychiatry, general nursing, medical administration, welfare centre management, radiography, sonography, optometry, chiropody, osteopathy, physiotherapy midwifery, dermatology and aged care

Land valuation

Ship related fields – including engineering and ships officers, boat building and shipwrights

Architecture and cartography

Agricultural consultancy


Engineering – including civil, chemical, construction, electrical, electronics, structural, mining, petroleum, aeronautical, naval, agricultural, biomedical and transport fields.


Veterinary medicine

Education – early years and secondary sectors and special needs including visual and hearing impaired

IT industry – including programming, software engineering and development

Legal – barristers and solicitors


Utilities – plumbing, draining, gas fitting, electricians, lift mechanics, air conditioning repair


Social work


Dentistry – including hygienists, technicians and prosthetics


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